Participation in National and European Dissemination Events

Conference “Ageing wealth” 2015, Mirandola, (MO), Italy. The Greek Innovative partnership Society for Active and Healthy Ageing”. Speaker Th. Vontetsianos

European Summit on Innovation Maturity for Active and Healthy Ageing, Brussels 2015.Matrix for Integrated Care” Round table discussion: Experiences from Greece. Speaker Th. Vontetsianos

Information day for H2020 new Health calls, Organized by Greek National Documentation Centre, Nov. 3, 2015,Greek EIP on AHA Network Presentation. Positions and activities”. Speaker:Th. Vontetsianos

8th Private Sector Insurance Conference, Athens Greece, Jun. 24, 2015,Current concepts for the management of chronic multi morbid patients”, Speaker:Th. Vontetsianos

Days of Internal Medicine, 3d University Dpt of Internal Medicine, Athens, Greece. April 2 2016: “Current Concepts for the Independent, active and healthy Ageing” Speaker:Th. Vontetsianos

42th PanHellenic Congress of the Greek Medical Society. Athens Greece, Oct. 2o17: The new Healthcare Landscape towards Integrated Care. Speaker: Th. Vontetsianos