The 23rd International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC23) in partnership with the Flanders Agency for Health and Care and Visit Flanders will take place at Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp, Flanders from 22-24 May 2023.

With the overarching theme ‘Care in action: how to work together, a participatory approach’, the conference will bring together leaders, researchers, clinicians, managers, citizens, patients and caregivers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care.

Webinar, March 9, 2022. Integrated Care Thematic Innovation Ecosystem.
Online Workshop organized by ECHAlliance, Shirocco and Digital Health & Care Scotland.
Webinar, January 26, 2022. Mental Health, Multimorbidity and ICT Enabled Integrated Care in Health 4.0 era

COVID 19 Pandemic. Prof. Savopoulos Christos, TV Interviews December 20, 2021 & January 17, 2022
Athens, December 13-16, 2021, Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policy.
LONG COVID: Empowering clinical practice with the use of ICT and AI tools
Athens, December 7-10, 2020, Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policy.
Public Health and Policy economics of Covid-19 pandemic
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Athens, December 7-10, 2020, Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policy. The Greek EIPonAHA Network represented the current EU (DG SANTE and JA CHRODIS+) consept and guidelines for the chronic care mangement
IMG-20191212-WA0000 IMG_7024Elsinki, December 10-12, 2019, Digital Health Summit organized by the Finish Presidency and EC Alliance. The Greek EIPonAHA Network was assigned to represent the Greek Ministry of Health and to communicate in the Digital Health European Community the message that “Greece is back”
Rome Dec, 3 2019Rome, Dec. 3-4, 2019, Thematic Workshop: Implementing a comprehensive approach to integrated care   

1. Round table: The challenges addressing social and health needs by innovative and integrated approaches.
Chair: Regina Roller Participants: RS and AGs Lucia Di Furia, Marche RS Paola Obbia, Piemonte RS / AG B3 Maddalena Illario, Campania RS Manuela De Sario, Lazio RS Edwig Goossens, Delta RS Theodore Vontetsianos, Athens RS

2. Health Tourism,  Emerging synergies to develop health tourism directories: opportunities for twinnings, coordinated by ProMIS 
Moderator. Ernesto Palummeri, Regione Liguria, Regina Roller, Graz University  Exploring tourism opportunities: added value services for the silver generation. Giovanni Daourakis, Leopoldo Comisso, Stefania Capaldo, Theodore Vontetsianos, Marina Guzzonato and Aurelio Crudeli

20200128_163627Aarhus, Sep. 2019, EIP on AHA, newly announced Reference Sites 1st meeting
EIPonAHA RS 3 stars
new 320190925_202239 20200128_163459Aarhus, Sep. 2019, EIP on AHA Reference Sites Award Ceremony. 
Dr. Kalampokas (Vice Mayor of Municipality of Athens) and Dr. Vontetsianos  (Chair of EIP on AHA Greek Network), got the award of the 3 stars RS title on behalf of the Athens Quadruple Helix Cluster. The Cluster includes a large number of critical stakeholders from the Academic, Public, Private and Social Sector, who have been collaborating for more than two years to develop Integrated Care services in complex chronic patients in Athens
EIPonAHA RS 3 stars
56879387_2125505140900696_8462059345285218304_o - Αντιγραφή IMG-2d22bcb6d5470d12c746240e7629ee53-V new 2Thessaloniki, 2019, CHRODIS Plus project, International site visit meeting.
The initiative of the Medical School – University of Thessaloniki, “Aris” Basketball Club and Greek Network EIPonAHA to develop Active and Healthy Ageing services for senior citizens in Thessaloniki was announced by Profs. Savopoulos and Hatzitolios, Mr Papageorgiou and and Dr. Vontetsianos
20190402_121837San Sebastian, 2019, Integrated Care International Conference.
Prof. Savopoulos and Dr. Vontetsianos attending the congress and started discussions with IFIC Board to host one of the next congresses ain Athens, Greece
Athens, 2019, Zappeio Megaro, Participation at the Internal Medicine Annual Congress
IMG-20190213-WA0004 IMG-20190213-WA0005Athens, February 2019, Learn4Carers, EPIONI Erasmus+ Project. Dr Vontetsianos, Coordinator of the Greek EIPonAHA Network addressing the partners 
edf2019, New Year’s social event.
[000009]Thessaloniki, Feb 23, 2018, CHRODIS Plus project, National Dialogue
Athens, 2018, Participation at the 7th Panhellenic congress in Health Promotion
September 2017, International Thessaloniki Fair: The Board of Directors, Mr Vontetsianos and Mr Savopoulos, visiting ZTE stand
October, 2014, Madrid: ”1st JA-CHRODIS Stakeholder Forum”
May 12-14, 2014, Athens: e-Health Forum 2014, Commissioner NeeIie Kroes  with informal European Innovation Partnership  on Active and Health Ageing (EIPon AHA) consultation Committee with members from Denmark, Scotland, Basque Country, Italy, Andalusia and Attica
April 14, 2014, Athens: Greek – Catalonia Affiliation Meeting: Prof. J. Roca and E. Escarabill from Barcelona University Hospital addressing the members of the Greek  European Innovation Partnership  on Active and Health Ageing (EIPon AHA) network, EKEPY Amphitheater, Ministry of Health
April 14, 2014, Athens: Official Launch of the Greek EIPonAHA Network, EKEPY Amphitheater, Ministry of Health
November 6, 2012, Brussels: EIPonAHA, ”1st Conference of Partners: Delivering results for Europe”
April 3, 2012, Brussels: ”European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing: From Plan to Action” Conference